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We are located in the breathtaking Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada, surrounded by award-winning wineries, lush orchards, and one of the world's wonders, Niagara Falls. What better place for us to showcase EcoCaps and promote beautifying our environment by encouraging everyone to recycle.

EcoCaps are fashionable recycle bin covers made to fit every individual's tastes. Enjoy browsing our 15 lines and find the style for you! Decorate your yard or home while protecting the delicate ecology of our environment.

Our Vision
Is to have EcoCaps cover every recycle bin on the planet in an effort to reduce litter and landfill overflow. Changing people's viewpoints about recycling, by making it easier, trendy and more fun!

Our Mission
Fun, Fashionable Recycling Made Easy!

**You may place your order directly from our Featured Products or go to our Online Store and browse our varied selection of designs. Custom orders are also welcome: please visit our Fabric Lines page found in the menu at the top.**

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  • "I live in a condo and I have to keep my recycle bins inside and my Yorkie Terrier is forever cutting himself on sharp can lids. EcoCaps have helped keep him out of the bins, an..."
    Agnus Smith Toronto, ON
  • "My blue bin was always getting filled with snow, so there was never anymore room for more recyclables. I gave up recycling until I bought my EcoCaps! Now I am once again doing..."
    Penelope Westchester Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

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