About The Product

EcoCaps Niagara is proud to introduce EcoCaps for you to enjoy.  EcoCaps are designer recycle bin covers.  They are pre-washed, dried and pressed, made of eco-friendly recycled materials, as well as 100% handmade in Canada.  A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to my fellow knights to assist them in furthering their projects for the Good-of-All-that-is.

All our EcoCaps are available in a wide variety of fabric choices to suit your personal tastes.  If you do not find what you are looking for while browsing our in stock items located in our Online Store or Featured Product section, please feel free to email us your custom requirements to

To assist you in making your custom selection please visit our “Fabric Line” section (located on the main tool bar) for fabric ideas.  If you are looking for something different than was represented on our site, describe it to us, and we will do our best to find it for you!

Our recycle bin covers are unique designs and custom fabrics that will set  you apart from the rest!  EcoCaps, are uniquely designed to promote a cleaner environment while still maintaining your sense of style and environmental consciousness.  

Please view EcoCap product section for more details. 

We hope that you will enjoy shopping in our online store and thank you for supporting EcoCaps Niagara for a greener tomorrow.