The Story

The EcoCap was a mere idea in 2009 when Lady Suzanne Edwards, the creator, noticed that when there were high winds outside, most of the contents of the curbside recycle bins would find their way down the streets and in public areas.

"When I took my dog for a walk around the block, I noticed so much garbage on people's lawns and in the parks, and I wondered what could we do to stop this?" she said.

She realized the outdoor recycle bins were the culprits, and decided a cover for the bins would be the answer. It needed to be inexpensive, eco-friendly, and available for both the blue and gray boxes.

But the idea did not stop there...

Lady Suzanne knew people would want them to be stylish, and not look out of place in their yards. As a homeowner herself, she knew she worked hard at making her home attractive, geared to her personal tastes. The covers could not be identical - rather she felt that people should be able to pick their own color and pattern to reflect their own personal style!  Personal dress styles were individual, so why should our curbside be any different?

In addition and more importantly, EcoCaps would protect the environment!

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with fast and efficient customer service.
We promise to create quality products for you to enjoy.
We promise to do everything we can to make sure that you are satisfied.
We promise to make recycling easier for you.

The Dream

The dream is for EcoCaps to cover every unsealed recycle bin. 
The dream is to reduce litter worldwide.
The dream is to have satisfied returning customers who have a sense of pride and excitement in showing off their unique style at their curb-sides.
The dream is to make a difference

Meet The Owner

Lady Suzanne Edwards
Suzanne is a Social Worker, an Environmental Freelance Writer and a Knight.  She received her BA from St Thomas University in 1994 and later completed her Business Administration Diploma and Post Graduate Studies in Social Work.  She is the creator of "EcoCaps" and the children animated environmental series, "Bartholemew A Green Adventure".  Her passion is the environment and finding ways to preserve it. 

"I feel each of us has the responsibility in doing our part to help sustain our planet".