Quotes My husband and I love to entertain in our backyard. We spend a lot of money on landscaping and decorative designer furniture. We do not have a garage so we keep our recycle bins on the side of the house by our side door. I always hated the way they looked. I bought EcoCaps and now even my recycle bins can be decorative and they are so inexpensive I can change them up every season Quotes
Vanessa Mitchell Woodbridge, ON

Quotes I live in Halifax and we have lots of crazy winds. My neighbour was forever complaining about my recyclables finding their way onto their lawn. Since I started using EcoCaps I no longer have to put up with his complaints. Quotes
Andrew McPherson Halifax, NS

Quotes I live in a condo and I have to keep my recycle bins inside and my Yorkie Terrier is forever cutting himself on sharp can lids. EcoCaps have helped keep him out of the bins, and they look so pretty in my kitchen. My bridge club no longer has to look at my unsightly garbage! Quotes
Agnus Smith Toronto, ON

Quotes I am seriously allergic to wasps and in the summer months the blue box was a real attraction for wasps, my friend told me about Ecocaps and they really do help keep wasps and other insects out of recycle bins. Now I can enjoy sitting outside again. Quotes
Jennifer Hanlen Vancouver BC

Quotes I didn't think the EcoCap was a good idea when my wife brought it home but it sure makes garbage day easier to deal with because I no longer have to pick up garbage that has fallen outside of the bins Quotes
Jerry Klaussen Pembroke ON

Quotes My blue bin was always getting filled with snow, so there was never anymore room for more recyclables. I gave up recycling until I bought my EcoCaps! Now I am once again doing my part in keeping the environment clean! Quotes
Penelope Westchester Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Quotes I used to spend so much time cleaning up debris on my front lawn, but since I purchased my EcoCaps that's no longer an issue! I no longer have litter in my yard and my EcoCaps match my lawn chair set! Thank you EcoCaps! Quotes
Mary Bradford Burlington,ON

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