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Is It Spring Yet? EcoCaps (individual)


Tired of seeing your neighbourhood littered with garbage while the bins wait outside in the elements for garbage pick up? What about digging snow out of your bin to make room for more garbage? Eliminate these difficulties and make recycling easy with EcoCaps!

Now being "Green" is made even more simple.  By using your EcoCaps to cover your recycling bins, you are contributing to keeping your community clean.

EcoCaps are inexpensive, eco-friendly, easy to use and most of all they are fun! Stay on top of outdoor fashion - impress your friends with how attractive and stylish your yard looks.

Switch it up now and then with different EcoCaps for different looks. Go sporty, or country, or even casual-sophisticated, depending on your style and mood! It's possible your EcoCaps could be one-of-a-kind, since some fabrics are limited. Check the product page for available quantities - it's updated regularly!

We hope that you will enjoy using your EcoCaps and we want to thank you for doing your part in helping save our planet.

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