EcoCaps are fashionable covers used to contain the contents of recycle bins from emptying into the environment, as well as shield unsightly contents from view.

It's easy to express your own personal style at the curbside with EcoCaps since they come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Tired of seeing your neighborhood littered with garbage while the bins wait outside in the elements for garbage pick up? What about digging snow out of your bin to make room for more garbage? Eliminate these difficulties and make recycling easy with EcoCaps!

Now being "Green" is made even more simple. By using your EcoCaps to cover your recycling bins, you are contributing to keeping your community clean.

EcoCaps are inexpensive, eco-friendly, easy to use and most of all they are fun! Stay on top of outdoor fashion - impress your friends with how attractive and stylish your yard looks.

Switch it up now and then with different EcoCaps for different looks. Go sporty, or country, or even casual-sophisticated, depending on your style and mood! It's possible your EcoCaps could be one-of-a-kind, since some fabrics are limited. Check the product page for available quantities - it's updated regularly!

We hope that you will enjoy using your EcoCaps and we want to thank you for doing your part in helping save our planet.



What is an EcoCap?
EcoCaps are fabric covers for the blue and gray recycle bins used for curbside pickup. They also fit many other types of bins or boxes and the elastic tightens around the bin to prevent it from easily blowing off.

What are the dimensions of the EcoCap?
EcoCaps can fit a variety of recycle bins sizes.  EcoCaps are not just limited to recycle bin but can be used to cover other open boxes such as laundry baskets, household storage bins etc.
22 ½ ” Length X 17 ½ Width  X 6 ½ “Deep
Custom sizes are also welcome.

Why use an EcoCap?
EcoCaps are designed to prevent garbage from blowing away out of the bin and from the bins filling up with snow and leaves. They make recycling easier and contribute to a clean and healthy environment.

How are EcoCaps Made?
EcoCaps are designed from an original design.  Every EcoCaps is handmade, hand measured and hand pressed with loving care from our experienced design and production Team.  
EcoCaps are not packaged in any fancy plastic wrapping like many other products that are on the market.  EcoCaps is committed to the simple design and packaging..  We believe less is more and the planet will agree!
Are EcoCaps washable?
Every EcoCap has been pre-washed and shrunk, so it is safe to wash your EcoCaps to keep them clean!

What are EcoCaps made out of?
EcoCaps are made of natural and synthetic fabrics, in a variety of colours and designs to suit your personal tastes. EcoCaps is conscientious about using appropriate materials for the environment. Due to their washability, mold and mildew build up can be prevented.

How do I use my EcoCap?
Think of it like covering a mattress with a fitted sheet. Simply cover the top of the bin, fit it evenly over the corners, it is as simple as that! It is recommended, depending on your area, that you remove the covers prior to garbage pick up.

What makes EcoCaps different?
Each EcoCap is hand made with loving care for the environment. There are other lids out there, but EcoCaps Niagara is dedicated to using environmentally friendly material, including the packaging, to reduce landfill waste. Other covers are utilitarian, EcoCaps makes recycling fashionable, bringing recycling to a whole new level of fashion! Other lids are plastic or vinyl, products which are known to be harmful to the environment, and which are prone to cracking and mildew build up.

Who benefits from using EcoCaps?
Anyone who recycles can use EcoCaps. Homeowners, with or without garages, who want to cover unsightly garbage or keep it from blowing away; homeowners who wish to prevent snow build up; condo or apartment dwellers who need to keep bins indoors; consumers who own pets; businesses who keep bins indoors; people with allergies to stinging insects such as wasps which are attracted to blue boxes.