Fabric Lines

**The fabric choices here are for illustrative purposes only. Fabric patterns and colours may vary. Prices may vary based on availability of fabrics. To place your custom order for EcoCaps, please contact us at and we will endeavour to find the fabric you desire.**

The Brave-Heart Line

The tartan is used for more than just a kilt – and in this case it's ok to see what's underneath *wink!  Make your way to FREEDOM!

The Make Love Not War Line

Flash back to a time of love, peace, and sit-ins; this line is for those who enjoy the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s in the new millennium.

The Birds, Bees and BBQ Line

The twitter of birds, buzz of bees, and smell of the grill - enjoy summer in every season.

Don't Break a Nail Line

Whatever! Even girlie girls can keep the environment clean and pretty with the "Don't Break A Nail" line of EcoCaps. Pink and funky - just what every girl needs!

Shiver Me Timbers Line

Ever a hot commodity, the EcoCaps with nautical motifs will keep the wind in your sails and the trash in your bins!

So Ya Want To Be a Rockstar? Line

Playing the sweet tune of a clean environment, while keeping hard-core trash in its place!

Born To Be Wild Line

Lions, tigers and bears - oh my! Furs look nicest left on the animals, but we can still enjoy the exotic and alluring look of leopard prints and tiger stripes with our "Born to be Wild" line of EcoCaps.

The NY Minute Line

Trendy, sophisticated, and sleek; this line reflects the look of the urban professional. 

The Backyard Bums Line - Summer

Lazy, hazy summers; the sounds of crickets and peepers; the smell of grilling food; stay in vacation mode all year long with these EcoCaps.

Hoes and Harvest line - Fall

Hot days, cool nights, vibrant colours; cover your recycle bins with our Fall motif EcoCaps in keeping with the season.

Is It Spring yet? Line

After a long, cold winter, you can experience an early spring with this line of EcoCaps on your recycle bins!

The Country Bumpkin Line

For those who enjoy the country look, this line evokes time-honoured homestyle designs.

Yo, Chill! - Winter

Snow, snow and more snow - keep your recyle bins empty of the white stuff with our winter line of EcoCaps.

The Real Men Do Recycle Line

Yes, real men do recycle, and their recycle bins can be manly too - no frills or flowers here - just macho masculinity.

The Holiday Line

Change the look of your recycle bins with each new holiday season – Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Victoria Day, July 4th, Hallowe’en and more!